If you’ve ever tried to reach an executive but been stymied by their gatekeeper today’s episode will strike a chord with you! One of the most common challenges sales people have is reaching their potential client when that potential client has a gatekeeper. Is there a way to work with that gatekeeper or do you have to resort to tricks like dropping by without an appointment?

On this special solo show I’ll answer those questions. I’ll explore how you can work with the gatekeeper to create a valued relationship, and how to make sure you’re getting the right people involved in the decision-making process. It’s all here on this edition of Grow My Revenue.

Listen to this episode and discover:

Why you need to know your potential clients’ elevator rants.
What is the same-side quadrant and how do you use it?
What is the difference between impact and importance?
What is BANT and why doesn’t it apply today?
What is the hidden question executives ask themselves?
And so much more…
Episode Overview

Whether you’ve been in sales for a few months or a few decades you have most likely come across a gatekeeper: the assistant or secretary to a potential client you are trying to meet. Maybe you’ve tried the less-than-honest approach of pretending to be that potential client’s friend or you’ve dropped by unannounced. And if you did you discovered neither tactic is effective.

Today I share what does work when you approaching gatekeepers as well as how to earn the attention of senior executives – two topics that go hand in hand. And finally I’ll also give you specific questions to ask to ensure you have all the necessary people involved in the sales process.

When you first attempt to get around a gatekeeper ask yourself why you are trying to go around this person? Why aren’t you enrolling them to be your ally? This person is someone to build a valuable relationship with for two reasons: first they control the calendar of your potential client and second they are in that role because they want to help people. So if you truly are genuine in asking for their assistance they will give it to you. But if you try to steamroll past them to get to their boss, you’ll be kicked to the curb (as you should be).

The gatekeeper is someone who has been hired because they are sharp, they are responsible, they are knowledgeable and have authority. Treat them as such, they are not a means to your end. Listen to this episode to hear a real-life example of how I created a lasting friendship with a gatekeeper named Mary, and take note of how you can use my approach for the gatekeepers you encounter.

If you are working with your gatekeeper you’re going to need to know how to gain the attention of their boss, the senior executive you want to speak to. The best way to do this is to think of what is important to that executive? You can do this by answering the three most common questions executives ask themselves: What problem does this solve? Why do I need it? And what is the likely outcome or result if I move forward with this?

Speak to those questions and share what problem you solve, why it’s important to the client and the possible end result. By approaching the gatekeeper with that information you’ve made it known you value the client’s time and you genuinely care about your client’s needs. Clearly this will take some advanced research on your part but that is your job as a sales person: know your client and their needs.

Finally we wrap up this episode by talking about BANT and why it no longer works, and the hidden question executives ask themselves. Both of which you’ll want to hear about so listen in to this edition of Grow My Revenue.

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