Have you ever wondered what top-performing sales professionals do to achieve extraordinary results?

You may be tempted to think that top performers have special talents and abilities that their peers don’t. And you wouldn’t be entirely wrong in thinking that – high performers do take certain actions that allow them to achieve outstanding success. But where you might get it wrong is in thinking that those behaviors and actions can’t be learned or practiced. They can.

Today, I’m going to share with you the key concepts and mindset that will help you move the needle in your business to achieve the sales results you’re after. We’re going to discuss the thinking and attitude that top performers have that allow them to achieve extraordinary success, and that you could adopt, too.

Plus, I’ll be weighing in on specific strategies that you can use with prospects who shop around for new vendors after having worked with existing vendors for a long time, and what to do in competitive situations like that. Listen in for these topics and more on this special solo edition of Grow My Revenue.

Listen to this episode and discover:

· The mindset top performers adopt that others don’t to help them achieve amazing success.
· Why being curious (or skeptical) is the best approach to new sales situations.
· The types of questions you should be asking prospects who are looking to switch vendors.
· And so much more…

Episode Overview

I lead workshops all over the country and have trained thousands of CEOs and sales executives on how to achieve better results in business. Recently, I held a workshop where I coached a sales team on sales strategies and tactics. And every time I lead a workshop, I inevitably get the person who says to me something like: “In the market we’re in, the whole industry is declining and it’s shrinking,” or: “A lot of customers just see us as a commodity, so they don’t care about this.” Basically, it’s just a whole series of excuses.

And it’s a trap many sales people fall into – they believe that the reason they’re not seeing result has nothing to do with anything they’re doing or any of their behaviors. They believe poor sales performance is a result of external factors.

Today, I’ll discuss the mindset and behaviors top performers adopt to achieve top results. You’ll learn:

· How to uncover the truth behind a prospect’s motivation to switch vendors after having a long-established relationship with an existing vendor.
· What the #1 goal of a salesperson should be (it’s not what you think).
· What top-performing salespeople do that others don’t.

When you listen in, you’ll hear the types of questions to ask if you want to see better results, and what to ask instead in competitive sales situations. You’ll also hear how to “turn the tables” on a prospect when they are looking to switch vendors after working with an existing vendor for a long time – all on this edition of Grow My Revenue.

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