Do you have a sense of purpose or do you just show up to sell stuff? Lisa Earle McLeod is an expert in motivating and leading organizations. She helps organizations accelerate revenue growth, increase competitive differentiation and ignite emotional engagement with a customer-driven methodology called Noble Purpose.

Research shows that organizations with a noble purpose bigger than money outperformed the market by over 350%. In fact, salespeople who sell with a noble purpose, whose intention is to improve the lives of their customers, outsell target focus salespeople.On this episode, Lisa shares the steps you can take to start selling with a noble purpose.

You’re going to learn a ton of amazing insight from Lisa Earle McLeod!

Listen and Discover
>The greatest misconception people have when it comes to motivating sales organizations
>Why the selling with noble purpose methodology works.
> If your organization is really customer focus.
> What to do if you’re being commoditized.
> Why most of today’s sales training methods are outdated.
> And much more…