Lisa Cummings is a brilliant speaker and founder of Lead Through Strengths. She’s a wealth of knowledge when it comes to leveraging your strengths for optimal results. There are 34 potential talent themes, everyone possesses a unique combination of these themes on their strengths profile. The idea of managing through strengths is uncovering people’s strengths, then maximizing and leveraging those strengths to achieve greater success. Lisa shares how strengths are like an easy button to help you achieve the results you want.

For leaders in a selling environment, discover how to manage to everyone’s strengths so that you put the right people and pull the right resources, at the right time to best help your clients.

You’re going to learn a ton with Lisa Cummings

Listen and Discover

How to uncover your strengths.
> The greatest misconception that people have when it comes to managing people’s strengths and weaknesses in sales.
> How knowing your strengths can impact your performance with team members and lead to better results.
> Examples of different strengths profiles that people might have and you can coach those people through to success.
> What is the ideal strengths profile for a successful salesperson?
> And much more…