There is a difference between the top sales performers and the people in the middle, effective training. There are three main components to a high performing sales training program and in this episode I share with you exactly how you can replicate that for your own business. 


We are honored that the Same Side Selling Academy is ranked in the top five sales programs globally but with that did not come mistakes early on. In this episode, I will not only share the formula to an effective and high performing sales training program but also the mistakes we made early on to help you avoid the same. Join me in this week’s episode to hear how you can use the Same Side Selling techniques to build a sales training program to help truly move the needle for your team. 


“If you practice for just one hour a week, you’ll outperform your peers. Because in doing this research with many, many different organizations, what I found is that less than 5% Practice at all. So if you carve out an hour a week to practice with your colleagues, you’ll outperform your competition, head and shoulders.”

“The other thing people say to me is, well, our team is already really good. If that’s the case, then wouldn’t Major League Baseball players not practice? Wouldn’t top performing basketball players and hockey players not practice? Top musicians and performers wouldn’t practice?”

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