Are you aware of what the potential is for SEO for your business? Are you currently using SEO but making one of these common mistakes? In today’s episode, Eli Schwartz, previous leader of SEO at Survey Monkey and author of Product Lead SEO, shares how you can properly use SEO for your B2B company. Eli discusses what exactly product lead SEO is, what types of businesses shouldn’t use SEO, how to properly implement SEO to increase sales revenue. 


“When I think about SEO, and the potential for SEO, it is so first of all, not not enough people are aware of what that potential is. And it’s literally uncapped.”

“I think that is the absolute biggest mistake people make, which is not recognizing the potential from this channel, and how to optimize for the channel, not how to optimize SEO but optimized for the channel with how you structure who you hire and how you invest into it.”

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