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CC Preview - Cold Calling and Gatekeepers
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S3A Preview 3 Objection Clinic: It’s Too Expensive – Pricing Pressure

What do you do when your client comes back and everything is great, but they say the price is too high? Here's how to alleviate pricing pressure and bring it back to results.

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S3A Preview 2: Same Side Pitch: Earn Attention and Attract Ideal Clients

Here we look at how to attract a prospect’s attention early on in the sales process using the Same Side Pitch. Learn how listening to the frustrations of clients about the important problems that we can solve can have a powerful impact on gaining attention. In This Lesson You Will Discover: How the Elevator Rant […]

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S3A Preview 1: What is Same Side Selling?

Learn how Same Side Selling is different from the traditional systems of sales and marketing. We assume it’s about convincing our prospect, but let’s look at how we can show up as someone to solve a problem, not sell something. In this lesson you will discover: How to lead a conversation by looking at the […]

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