Same Side Selling Academy Executive Cohort




If you want to build a culture of growth following Same Side Selling, this might be for you. Business leaders have asked Ian for a program that walks teams through the steps required to implement Same Side Selling internally. The Same Side Selling Academy Executive Cohort is personally guided by Ian Altman for a 90-day program. We start with a 7-week intensive sprint conducted via live one-hour session each week. The enrollment fee allows for us to 3 people per company. Each cohort is limited to 12 companies. If you want to include additional team members in the journey (beyond 3 per company), please let us know.  We want to encourage participation from team members who can help to drive results. Each session is recorded and transcribed, and attendees get access to the Same Side Selling Academy for the duration of the cohort.

Who Is the Right Fit?

The best participants are businesses that have the potential to be a great case study of explosive growth a year from now. The ideal leaders would be in the B2B or professional services space where they want to sell high value, not low cost. They want to avoid being commoditized, want to define and earn the attention of their ideal clients, and want to know that their clients are rooting for them if it turns into a competitive opportunity.

What You’ll Get

Week 1 – Earn Attention

Define your ideal clients and craft the right messaging to earn their attention. You’ll have specific messaging that will help you quickly focus on the right clients and avoid the ones who will just waste your time. You’ll have messaging to attract the right opportunities.

Week 2 – Don’t Fall Into Being a Commodity

Using a principle called the Client Vision Pyramid, you’ll develop messaging that will help you stand out clearly from the competition. We follow a specific process to help clients quickly appreciate what makes you unique in your space. You’ll build a Client Vision Pyramid for your business with input from Ian.

Week 3 – Establish Your Expertise

One of our team members will work closely with each participating company to define a content marketing strategy to establish your expertise, attract attention from the right clients, and empower your sales team with content you can use to stay relevant. This includes an analysis of how you and your competitors are showing up online. You’ll have a sense of which content to create to carve out your niche.

Week 4 – Modernize Your Approach

We’ll outline the step-by-step approach of Same Side Selling from initial contact through qualification, helping clients make decisions, and how to use video and other technologies to build trust and grow your business. We’ll take a deep dive into the Same Side Quadrants to help you get the most from business meetings. You’ll get a clear process that you can follow to ensure that you aren’t going on business dates, but that you are focused on growing business.

Week 5 – Client Success Roadmap

If you have a great process, it helps if your client is willing to go along with that process. Using the Client Success Roadmap, we’ll work through a process you can share with clients to ensure that they are working with you, not in opposition… From first meeting to second, follow-up and asking for the business. You’ll develop your own Client Success Roadmap.

Week 6 – Results and Referrals

How do we ensure success and get repeat and referral business? We’ll discuss the right approach to ensure repeat and referral business to drive ongoing sources of business.

Week 7 – Refine and Adjust

Discuss what is and isn’t working and adjust accordingly. This is an iterative process that is highly interactive. As a small group, you’ll get as much out of it as you put into it.

Of course, if the collective group decides that other topics would be of greater value, then we can go deeper into one topic than another. The goal of the program is to ensure that you have the tools, strategy, and tactics to drive sustainable growth with the right customers.

You and your team members will have access to the entire Same Side Selling Academy for the 90-day program.

Proposed Meeting Schedule:

We’ll meet weekly for an interactive, hour-long session. You’ll have tasks and worksheets for the team each week during the 7-week sprint. And, Ian and his team will be available for feedback. Our goal is to build a culture of growth. We might be more obsessed with you growing than you are.