Earning Attention and Selling Value Isn't Easy

The way clients make buying decisions is changing.

And whether you’ve been running a company, territory, or sales team for ten years or ten days….

The truth is, you need a modern approach to selling that EVERYONE can embrace, ESPECIALLY your customer.

  • Focus on the RIGHT opportunities

  • Rely on a playbook to swiftly handle obstacles

  • Watch as your clients

Discover an approach that everyone can embrace — especially your customer.

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It doesn't have to be this way.

What if I told you that it was 100% possible to grow your business WITHOUT:

  • Measuring meaningless metrics like number of calls

  • Cold outreach that feels slimy 

  • Awkward scripts that sound robotic

  • Discounting every deal and eroding your margin

  • Or sacrificing your long-term reputation for a short-term win

Now, if you’ve managed to build to a certain point, but you’re struggling to hit your growth potential…


And if you’re tired of your prospects choosing to work with your competition even though you know your solution is superior…

You need to know two things:

  1. You can sell value and avoid discounts at the same time
  2. And, more importantly, the problem of your team not hitting their numbers is NOT your fault.
See, the way sales has been taught for decades is broken.
Even the language they use is wrong.

Think about this: If "Sales" is a game that you are trying to win, then there has to be a loser, right?

If it’s you and your client, does that make your client the LOSER?
See how wrong this is?
I’ve met so many people who think they have to sacrifice their integrity in order to trick someone into working with them.
It doesn't have to be that way.
If I could personally help you develop your sales team into the best in class that you know they could be, creating a common language they can use, a playbook they can follow to create lifelong sales relationships, using short, easy-to-follow strategies, plus…
  • Helped you increase your margins and shorten your sales cycles

  • Helped you reframe your sales conversations so clients are convincing you, not the other way around

  • ALL without having to have the so-called “sales gene” or resort to any old-school tactics that haven't worked in the past…

Would you take me up on that?


Welcome to the Same Side Selling Revolution

I’m Ian Altman, co-author of Same Side Selling and creator of the Same Side Selling Academy. In my career, I grew two companies to billion-dollar valuations and have consulted with hundreds of other companies to help them grow their revenues.

What you get in the Same Side Selling Academy:

All levels include access to these lessons and clinics


The CORE Lessons

A deep diver into the core principals of Same Side Selling.

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Objection Clinic

A series of micro-lessons on advanced topics.

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Coaches Corner

Monthly live recorded coaching sessions with Ian.

Same Side Improv

Same Side Improv

Practice real-world sales situations and reinforce skills.

In my experience, companies come to me looking for one of three different levels:

The Same Side Selling Academy

$999 / year / member

  • A comprehensive platform for sales development that combines learning at your pace and live coaching/mentoring
  • Core material: 10 lessons that cover the revolutionary Same Side Selling approach to sales development
  • A playbook to handle the most common objections that get thrown your way
  • A monthly live coach's call to handle real-world scenarios
  • Interviews with outside experts to help round out your expertise
  • Detailed reporting to monitor and reward progress for managers, teams, and individuals
  • Go at your own pace, then join live for the monthly sessions to get feedback from Ian

The Same Side Selling Academy Executive Cohort

$5,800 $4,850 /Org

  • A six-week program delivered live
  • Cohorts are curated to avoid conflicts of interest
  • You'll get a plan to drive growth for your business
  • You'll develop a process to attract new clients
  • You will discover how to differentiate yourself from the competition
  • You'll map a trajectory that establishes your expertise
  • You'll be able to confidently navigate from first meeting to client onboarding
  • Your team will know how to sell on value and confirm results
  • Your company will have a process that earns quality referrals and repeat business
  • Get personalized feedback and benefit from the small group setting

Strategic Guidance

Quarterly commitment

  • Quarterly tailored solution.
  • Depending on your firm's specific needs, this ranges from $20,000 to $50,000 per quarter