As you'll experience below, Same Side Improv is a practice tool to facilitate mastery of the Same Side Selling Methodology.

Each round has three players:

  1. The Salesperson
  2. The Client/Prospect
  3. An Observer

Each round should last roughly 10 minutes. Then you'll have a round of feedback for not more than 10 minutes. After each round, rotate roles. This means that within one hour, each person gets a turn at each role.


The Salesperson's job in Same Side Improv is to ask the questions about the client's situation following the Same Side Quadrants.

The Client/Prospect

The person playing the client role should shuffle the cards and select one or more of the SECRET attributes. There are 20 different options. You'll stay in character consistent with the attributes associated with the SECRET(s) that you selected. Start by just turning over ONE card. If you don't like the cards, just shuffle and the system will present a new combination of attributes.

The Observer

The Observer should pay attention the entire time, but not interrupt. At the conclusion of the exercise, the observer offers feedback starting first with the top things you liked MOST about how the Salesperson conducted the meeting. You can then add ONE or TWO questions or suggestions about what you thought might have been a different approach or something that seemed out of place. The individual playing the role of the client then goes next. Finally, the Salesperson and Observer should try to guess the contents of the SECRET card(s).  Over time, you'll get quite good at detecting the Secrets.

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Practice your Same Side Selling Skills here. Select ONE skill at a time. Feel free to pick the skill that is most valuable for your Improv session. Click SHUFFLE to get new options.
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