Yesterday's sales and marketing won't attract today's clients

  • Is your message falling on deaf ears?

    Are you pursuing prospects, or are you interesting enough that they are pursuing you?

  • Do potential clients compare you to inferior alternatives?

    Are your offers seen as "more of the same," or valuable and different?

  • Does your business wing it when it comes to selling?

    Or do you have a repeatable process to follow for any client scenario?

How do you know if you and your team are on the same side as your clients?

Whether you call it sales, marketing, business development, or growth, you're in the right place if you need to grow.


Are your efforts coming up short?

If you're struggling to get top results from your sales and marketing (or whatever you call it), it's not your fault.


The reason organizations fail to meet their growth potential has very little to do with the individual strengths of the people on your team, and much more to do with what they've been taught.

Turns out, most business professionals have misconceptions when it comes to bringing in new business:

  • Sales is not a numbers game.

     Increasing activity won't compensate for a lack of quality or strategy.

  • Pestering prospects with a bad message won't lead to good outcomes.

    Lead with integrity.

  • If you get compared to inferior alternatives, it's not the client's fault.

    It's the seller's responsibility to stand out.

  • Relying on the status quo won't give you different results.

    With effective planning and skills, you can execute the right plays to anticipate and react to client situations in a way that drives results.

Wait. It gets worse...

As I dug deeper into teams that weren't realizing their potential, I found something worse than teams following believing old misconceptions...

many weren't following a playbook at all.

They worked hard...

Put in a lot of effort...

Without seeing results.

They kept losing deals to inferior competitors.

They lost something else, too...


Hand drawing a soccer game tactics with white chalk on blackboard.

Your sales process shouldn't be an afterthought.

8 mistakes featured image

Unfortunately, people often get bad advice.

Truth be told, there's a lot of terrible (but well-intended) advice out there, often dished out by people who never made a single high-ticket sale in their life.

The thing those people don't want you to know... that you don't have to fall into an adversarial trap with your prospect. There's no need for a predator/prey relationship. You can adopt an approach everyone can embrace... especially your client.

But let me ask you something, and this is important:

Is your process aligned with how your clients make and approve decisions?

Stop selling. Start solving.

It's time to get on the same side as your client. Time to leave the old-school manipulative shenanigans in the past and get on the same side as your clients.

Now, I know what you might be thinking...

"Ian, of course we need to get better at sales. But..."

Hold on, don't finish that sentence. Recent changes in the world and workplace have required us to think and act differently if we want results. You used to be able to rely on in-person networking, conferences, and face-to-face meetings to grow your business.

If you don't adapt to the changing landscape, you'll lose to those who embrace a modern approach.

You're a trusted resource. Your clients love you. The world changed, and you know that business-as-usual won't drive the growth you need.

Thankfully, it's a solvable challenge.

Cynthia used the academy to win new business

...from a recent monthly Coach's Corner session.

Effective Sellling is a combination of art & science.

And that's good news! Because a winning sales process can be taught.

Getting good at sales is not magic, and does not involve trickery. Top performers base their success on integrity.


Discover plays to get on the same side as your clients.

Execute the playbook to uncover the truth and drive success.

That's it!

Hand drawing a soccer game tactics with white chalk on blackboard.

A good sales strategy becomes easier to execute when you understand the concept of plays.

Top-performing sports teams follow plays to win games.

Top-performing business professionals follow plays too and they thrive.

You are allowed to be skeptical... 

At first.

Simply follow the playbook and see what happens.

I'd love to invite you to become a part of the "Same Side Selling" movement by joining me inside the...

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Master an approach to growing your business that everyone can embrace... especially your clients



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