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7 Sales Scripts to Double Your Revenue in the next 12 Months.

It can be harder than ever to know what to say when you're talking to a prospect.

So if you want to avoid:

Your message falling on deaf ears

Your clients focusing entirely on price

And awkward sales conversations that go nowhere

Take the Same-Side Selling Assessment

Introducing the Same Side Selling Academy

If you want to:

Get laser-focused on your ideal clients

Sharpen your messaging to attract new clients like a magnet

Avoid being a commodity and confidently sell based on results not price

Then, keep reading. This is for you.

You have a great business that should attract new clients

You're a trusted resource. Your current clients love you.

You know that business-as-usual won't drive the growth that you know is possible.

That's not your fault. Thankfully, it's a solvable challenge.

Welcome to the Same Side Selling Academy

Master an approach to growing your business that everyone can embrace... especially your new clients

What will you discover?

  • Define your market

    Narrow your focus to the clients who you know will greatly value your approach 

  • Attract your ideal clients

    Do you ever worry that your message sounds too much like everyone else's? Use this tool to help you figure out how to stand out

  • Leverage Referrals

    And bring in more clients without reaching out individually

  • Establish Your Expertise

    And learn how to create a never-ending stream of content that will bring clients to you

Get a plan to strengthen your business.

  • Attract new Clients

  • Differentiate from the Competition

  • Execute a Content Marketing Strategy

  • Navigate from First Meeting to Onboarding

  • Sell on Value and Confirm Results

  • Earn Quality Referrals and Repeat Business

Howard Rogers

"Within three years of adopting Same Side Selling, our sales grew from $17M to over $100M without adding a bunch of salespeople."

-HOWARD ROGERS, CEO + President of BrightClaim

Better conversations = Better results

If you landed one extra client per quarter, what would that mean for your business? If the value of that incremental growth wouldn't pay for this investment many times over, then it may not be for you.

"Ian gave us the concepts and tools that turned engineers and consultants into our top revenue generators."

-DAVID CAMPBELL, COO of Optimal Networks
David Campbell
Jason Walker

"We were not growing as fast as we wanted. Only 20% of our Small Business team was hitting their number. We brought Ian in for our national sales meeting. One year later, our growth has skyrocketed and 90% of the Small Business team is hitting their revenue goal."

-JASON WALKER, Chief Revenue Officer, GPS Insight