Getting Started with Same Side Selling

Starting with Same Side Selling is easy. Pick a 60-day subscription or annual membership.

Annual Member

$947 /user annnually
  • For continuous growth and skills development
  • Same Side Selling Core Course
  • Constantly Expanding Objection Clinics
  • Quizzes to confirm progress
  • PDF Worksheets for each CORE lesson
  • Growing Outside Experts Library
  • Monthly Coach's Corner Sessions with Ian
  • Text-Searchable content on Desktop, Smartphone, and Tablets
  • Sales and Marketing in Crisis Course
  • Complimentary Same Side Quadrant Journal sent to you (hardcover)
  • Priority Access to the Coach's Corner for questions and role-play

The Details

  1. Subscribe for yourself, or for the number of users in your team.
  2. For annual subscriptions, Groups help you oversee teams within the organization. Once registered, we will contact you via email to setup the group(s) and assign the managers.
  3. As the Group Leader, you can add your team members. See the Management Tutorial for details.
  4. Once added, each participant will receive an invitation along with their username and password.

Subscribers have access to the full suite of content and tools within the Same Side Selling Academy. Be sure to submit questions and topics using the Coach's Corner form. Ian addresses the topics in his monthly Coach's Corner session.

If you have an interest in a tailored program with personalized coaching and role-plays, please contact us for details.