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We hope you enjoyed our session together. On this page, you can

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Infographic Summary of Our Session

The linked graphic gives you a summary of today’s session. Feel free to share the key message points with your colleagues.

To download a PDF of this printable sheet, click the below thumbnail. Then right click and “save as” to download the file on a computer. If you use Safari, you also have the option to click the share button to send it to your iBooks, or other apps you have that support a PDF.

We don’t require you to register on the site in order to receive the PDF.

Video Resources

During our time together, we discussed the research behind how clients make and approve decisions. This video in the Same Side Selling Academy will further reinforce that concept.

Same Side Selling Academy

Please register below using the code VISTAGE and you’ll get free access to Grow in Crisis and several lessons of the Same Side Selling Academy that will provide a nice recap of our session together. Feel free to share this code with your team members. I’m happy for each person to have their own login. The platform keep track of which lessons you’ve viewed or haven’t so you don’t have to remember where you left off.

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