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On-Demand Sales Mentorship from Ian Altman

  • Join Ian for a live monthly coaching session and get guidance tailored to your real-world scenarios. 
  • Get direct 1:1 support on any sales scenario that might be tripping up your team.
  • Equip your team with an integrity-based selling approach.
  • Drive business growth through a proven consultative selling process that puts you on the same side as your customers.


Our programs have been developed, tested, refined, and our case studies demonstrate proven results across B2B organizations based on research on how leaders make decisions
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Some of the many companies that have elevated their sales strategies with Same Side Selling

Same Side Selling Impact

Our Clients' Success Stories: Elevating Business with Same Side Selling

Sales Mastery Courses

Propel your sales prowess with our immersive courses. Uniting monthly live coaching with self-paced learning and accountability, we streamline your journey to sales mastery.
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Members' Growth Dashboard

Track progress, set goals, achieve success. Welcome to our members' dashboard – your pathway to sales excellence. Access courses, monitor daily activities, and manage goals, all in one streamlined interface.
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Research + Resources

Dive into our curated leadership and sales development tools, featuring B2B guides, podcasts, video training, and conversion-boosting scripts.
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Monthly Live Coaching

Role-play actual customer scenarios directly with Ian, get strategic advice, seek input from fellow community members.
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In-depth Conversations with Ian Altman

Ian Altman shares insightful conversations about the evolving landscape of sales in the popular Same Side Selling Podcast


$14 million to $17 million in 3 years


$17 million to $109 million in 3 years


Avg. Sale $240k | 9+ month cycle


Several >$1MM+ sales | <5 month cycle

“Our people generally don’t like the idea of selling, but they love solving problems. Ian helped us make that mindset shift away from selling and into solving problems. That shift helped us focus on the problems we solve really well and engaged everyone in the company in solving those problems for clients and prospects – it unlocked a ton of potential in our people and the firm overall.”

— Jeff Gallimore,  Jeff Gallimore - Excella Consulting,  Excella Consulting

Results Are All That Matter...

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