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Welcome to the Same Side Selling Revolution

I’m Ian Altman, co-author of Same Side Selling and creator of the Same Side Selling Academy. I grew my prior businesses to billion-dollar valuations and have helped hundreds of other companies achieve explosive growth following the proven Same Side Selling framework.

Has your team fallen into any of these common traps?

  • Discounting deals and giving away margin?

  • Cold outreach and "just following up" that leads to no results?

  • Losing business to inferior alternatives?

  • Following awkward scripts that sound robotic?

  • Measuring activity (phone calls, meetings, etc.) instead of results ($$$$$$)?

Build a culture of growth

The Same Side Selling Academy delivers the three components top performing teams need to succeed:

  • A consistent process and shared language

  • A playbook to address the most common roadblocks

  • Ongoing live coaching and mentoring to develop mastery


Same-Side Selling Solutions

Our programs have been developed, tested, refined, and perfected over three decades across B2B companies and in select B2C areas. 


Same Side Selling - Results matter

“... Our company has more than doubled in size by following the Same Side Selling Method...  Ian’s insights help us retain clients, sell based on value vs. price, and demonstrate the impact of our creative work for our clients. I am a massive fan.”

Raman Sehgal

Founder, Ramarketing

“Our people generally don’t like the idea of selling, but they love solving problems. Ian helped us make that mindset shift away from selling and into solving problems. That shift helped us focus on the problems we solve really well and engaged everyone in the company in solving those problems for clients and prospects – it unlocked a ton of potential in our people and the firm overall.”

Jeff Gallimore

Partner, Excella Consulting

“…Everything you thought about selling should be thrown out. This unique approach provides insightful ways to improve the probability of winning new projects by pushing you to think about your value drivers and how you solve someone else’s problems.”

Jeremy Krasner

Managing Director, Stout, Risius, Ross

“Since embracing Same Side Selling, we’ve seen dramatic growth, have delivered tangible results for our clients, and have landed on the INC 5000 four consecutive years.”

Colin Eagen

CEO, E Group

“Ian’s honest, disarming approach to sales should resonate with any sales professional who wants to achieve dramatically greater results and maintain a high level of integrity.”

Ben Foreman

LPL Financial

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Who we serve

We serve B2B sales teams of all size. Whether your organization is national, global, small, medium-sized, mid-market, or you're an independent professional, discover an integrity-based approach to selling that everyone can embrace - especially your customers. 


A different type of book on selling

What makes Same Side Selling different from any other book on this topic is that it is co-authored by people on both “sides”: a salesman (Ian Altman) and a procurement veteran who understands how companies buy (Jack Quarles). The buyer’s perspective is baked into every sentence of the book, along with the seller’s point of view.

Ian & Jack's aim is to replace the adversarial trap with a cooperative, collaborative mindset. “We want to replace the old metaphor of selling as a game with the notion that buying and selling is more like assembling a puzzle.”

Research + Resources

We've curated and created a massive collection of best practices for leadership and sales development.

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