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The Same Side Selling Academy aligns your approach to marketing, sales, and customer experience with how customers make decisions to dramatically grow revenue for your organization. This online training and development platform provides tools and strategies to help people discover how Integrity and Collaboration Drive Extraordinary Results all based on the proven principles of Same Side Selling.

Who Should Join The Same Side Selling Academy

The Same Side Selling Academy is for salespeople, professionals who don’t see themselves as salespeople, marketers, project managers, and teams who sell services that can and should stand out from the competition.

What To Expect

Members of this platform have access to video tutorials and resources to onboard and reinforce the Same Side Selling foundational principles, advanced lessons in our Objection Clinic for how to overcome common sales and marketing hurdles, and tools to help you reinforce the Same Side Selling methods. Ian hosts a weekly Coaches Corner live and recorded session where he addresses the questions and topics raised during the month.

Some Popular topics

  • Future-proof business growth
  • Earn the attention of your ideal clients
  • Stand out over the competition
  • Earn business based on value vs. price
  • Know which opportunities are worth pursuing
  • Shift from transactional selling to transformational growth


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Same Side Selling Works

“... Our company has more than doubled in size by following the Same Side Selling Method...  Ian’s insights help us retain clients, sell based on value vs. price, and demonstrate the impact of our creative work for our clients. I am a massive fan.”

– Raman Sehgal, Founder ramarketing

“Our people generally don’t like the idea of selling, but they love solving problems. Ian helped us make that mindset shift away from selling and into solving problems. That shift helped us focus on the problems we solve really well and engaged everyone in the company in solving those problems for clients and prospects – it unlocked a ton of potential in our people and the firm overall.”

– Jeff Gallimore - Partner - Excella Consulting

“…Everything you thought about selling should be thrown out. This unique approach provides insightful ways to improve the probability of winning new projects by pushing you to think about your value drivers and how you solve someone else’s problems.”

– Jeremy Krasner - Managing Director - Stout, Risius, Ross

“Since embracing Same Side Selling, we’ve seen dramatic growth, have delivered tangible results for our clients, and have landed on the INC 5000 four consecutive years.”

– Colin Eagen, CEO E Group

“Ian’s honest, disarming approach to sales should resonate with any sales professional who wants to achieve dramatically greater results and maintain a high level of integrity.”

– Ben Foreman – LPL Financial