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Establish A Modern Approach To Grow Your Business With Integrity

B2B organizations call on Ian Altman when they want to accelerate revenue growth with integrity.
As a B2B keynote speaker and strategic advisor, Ian helps businesses modernize their approach to marketing, sales, and customer experience to align with how buyers make decisions, earn the role of trusted advisor, and dramatically grow revenue.
After working with Ian and implementing his approach, organizations have seen remarkable results!

Discover how to 

Earn Attention
Stand Out from the Competition
Accelerate Deals
Build a Culture of Growth with Integrity

They increased their average deal size, and cut their sales cycle in half at the same time.

 Half The Sales Cycle, Larger Deals  

Over the past month, after refocusing on sales I have seen increased revenue per new client, shorter sales cycle and most importantly, testing this over the past month has really pushed me to change up my sales model by using the tools and techniques you have shared with me.

— Chip Abernathy,  Chip Abernathy - Your Touch Points,  Your Touch Points

We just landed our largest account since the beginning of our company. When we asked our team member what was the secret to his success, he said, “I just followed Same Side Selling 100%.” We encourage our team members to be actively involved in the Academy and to jump in during each Coach’s Corner session. The proof is in the numbers

— David Campbell ,  David - Optimal Networks,  Optimal Networks

I had my biggest year ever last year, and this quarter is even bigger. I was "stuck" in a "rut!" Same Side Selling has changed my approach completely.

— Melissa Matson,  Melissa - MRS Retirement,  MRS Retirement


Avg. Sale $240k | 9+ month cycle


Several >$1MM+ sales | <5 month cycle

Establish a consistent system with common language
Embrace a playbook to swiftly overcome obstacles
Engage in regular role-play and coaching to refine skills

Discover an approach that everyone can embrace — especially your customer.

Enroll your team today and get instant access to the Same Side Selling Academy.
What results are others seeing?
We have landed the largest deal(s) in our history using Same Side Selling
Our sales cycle used to be 6-9 months. We've landed huge deals in less than 6 weeks
We struggled to earn attention. Now we get invited in to discuss how we can help
We get to the truth faster than we ever thought possible
We qualify opportunities in the first meeting, instead of requiring hours of time
I’m Ian Altman, co-author of Same Side Selling and creator of the Same Side Selling Academy. In my career, I grew two companies to billion-dollar valuations and have consulted with hundreds of other companies to help them grow their revenues.
The Same Side Selling Academy
A comprehensive platform for sales development that combines learning at your pace and live coaching/mentoring

CORE: 10 lessons that cover the revolutionary Same Side Selling approach to sales development

Objection Clinic: A playbook to handle the most common objections that get thrown your way

Cold Outreach Playbook: Step-by-step guidance for success with outbound prospecting

The Coach's Corner: A monthly live video session to handle real-world scenarios. Each session is segmented into concise topics and transcribed

Outside Experts: Featured topics with subject-matter experts on a broad array of topics including digital marketing, productivity, video communication, body language, and many others

Reporting Dashboard: Monitor and reward progress for managers, teams, and individuals

Go at your own pace, then join live for the monthly sessions to get feedback from Ian
$999 / YEAR / MEMBER
The CORE Lessons
A deep dive into the core principals of Same Side Selling.
Objection Clinic
A series of micro-lessons on advanced topics to help you overcome any objections.
Coaches Corner
Monthly live recorded coaching sessions with Ian on current topics or scenarios.
Same Side Improv
Practice real-world sales situations and reinforce skills.
B2B organizations call on Ian Altman when they want to accelerate revenue growth with integrity.
+1 (240) 242-7460
Receive proven insights and expert advice to help you modernize your approach to marketing and sales.
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