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Same Side Selling book

Are you tired of playing games with your customers?
The most widely used metaphors in sales are those related to sports, battle, or games. The challenge with this mindset is it requires that one person wins, and the other loses. Instead of falling victim to a win-lose approach, what if you shared a common goal with your potential client? How might things change if the client felt that you were more committed to their success than making the sale?

Same Side Quadrant Journal

Same Side Quadrant journal

Are you going on business dates or doing business?

Too many people think the purpose of a meeting is to make or at least advance the sale. In reality, your goal is to determine if there’s a fit!

The Same Side Selling Quadrant Journal helps you maintain focus on gathering the right pieces of information during a business meeting to determine if an opportunity is real or not real.


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May 17, 2023

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May 10, 2023

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May 3, 2023

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Stop Showing Up To Sell, Show Up To Solve

April 26, 2023

In this episode of the Same Side Selling podcast, Ian Altman shares how salespeople can shift their focus from selling products or services to solving their customers’ problems. Ian discusses the three personas in the sales world : order taker, sales person and subject matter experts. Ian provides practical advice on how to establish oneself…

How To Establish Your Expertise With Books With Anna David

April 19, 2023

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Biggest Mistakes in Sales Kickoff Meetings

April 12, 2023

In this episode of the Same Side Selling Podcast, Ian Altman delves into the common pitfalls of sales kickoff meetings and shares strategies for making them more effective. Sales kickoff meetings are often perceived as one-way information sessions where different departments present their systems, competitors, and other company details. However, this approach often falls short…