On this episode Joe and I discuss how to develop the talent you already have, the telltale signs of disengaged employees and a real life example of how Joe took a company from good to being recognized as a “best place to work” over hundreds of their competitors.

Listen to this episode and discover:
– Why treating everyone with the same level of respect impacts your business.
– Should you treat your employees like clients – and vice versa? Joe answers.
– The two ways to know if your employees are not engaged.
– Specific suggestions to get your employees engaged.
– What’s the greatest business lesson Joe has learned?
– And so much more…

Episode Overview

Today the companies that are succeeding are the ones who treat their employees like clients, and their clients like employees. Research has shown time and time again this method pays off; it’s where the marketplace is going and successful companies are falling in line.

Our guest for this episode, Joe Mechlinski, shares his strategies for helping your company do the same. His first recommendation is to find a way to make sure everyone feels heard, valued and appreciated. Make the decision that there are no second-class citizens in your business, whether from the janitor to the C-Level executives.

His second recommendation is to find out if your employees are actually engaged. He has two ways to know: the first is to measure. You can connect with them weekly through a service like Tiny Pulse; send out weekly emails and listen to what they have to say.

The second way to know if your employees are engaged or disengaged is to look for the invisible. Do not look at the revenue or profits, but notice if there’s a lack of consistency and follow through. Is there a lack of collaboration, a lack of overcommunication and declining response times? Are deadlines being missed and meetings starting late? If so you have disengaged employees.

Also if you start hearing the word “trust” it can indicate your people coming from a place of fear rather than faith. In general if you have the sense that people are participating at more of a practice camp level versus playing in the Super Bowl, Joe says you have a lack of engagement.

On this episode Joe also shares what to do when there’s disengagement in your workplace, a real world example of taking a good company to earning the title of “Best Place to Work” and the greatest business lesson he’s learned during his career. Joe provides actionable tools and lessons, listen in to hear them and then implement them in your business.