Every year I spend some time examining and writing about the top 10 business trends I see coming up next and I did the same this year. Although I’ve already published my top 10 list in Forbes I wanted to give you the top 2016 trends in business.

Specifically on this episode I’ll delve into the most impactful trends like millennials, commodity products, investing in non-sales people to grow your revenue and scarcity vs. abundance in the marketplace.

Listen to this episode and discover:
– How to sell to millennials, and why you should.
– Is Amazon really killing businesses?
– How to compete on value, not price.
– You’ll be at a disadvantage if you don’t train these people: who are they?
– And so much more…

Episode Overview
Of the top trends I see coming in 2016 I chose a few to discuss here that are going to have the most impact on your bottom line.