How do you know if you are measuring and tracking the right metrics on your site? Are you fully utilizing the power of digital marketing to grow your revenue and your business? Because there are many avenues to go down when talking digital marketing I brought in an expert to answer those questions and more: Chris Yoko.

On this episode of Grow My Revenue Chris joins us to share his wisdom on the the biggest mistakes most businesses are making in digital marketing today. We also dive into why a high bounce rate from your site can be a good thing and how to increase yours if needed, plus the transformation that focusing on value has created in his business and with his clients.

Listen to this episode and discover:

-What metrics are valuable to measure from your web site?
– What is a bounce rate and when would you want a high bounce rate?
– Why you want to repel certain people from your business.
– A real life example of how to focus on results and value, versus pricing.
– Chris shares the greatest business lesson he’s learned.
And so much more…

Episode Overview
Chris is the founder of Yoko Co and widely regarded as an expert on digital marketing. In his time in the industry one of the biggest and most common mistakes he sees is businesses focusing on the short-term issues with their website rather than the big picture.

Often a company will say they need their site to be more mobile-friendly and to rank higher for certain keyword terms. While those are valuable considerations Chris has learned to take the conversation one step further: what will happen when more customers can find them with those search terms and what will their customers do with the new mobile-friendly site?

More traffic and better usability are important but only if the company is clear on what happens next. If they have more traffic but it isn’t targeted the company will only gain unqualified leads that drain the company’s resources. It’s important to go beyond the short-term fixes and look at the big picture according to Chris.

Also important according to Chris is the bounce rate. Often clients have called him in a panic because their bounce rates are very high. To know why this isn’t necessarily a bad thing you have to know what a bounce rate is exactly: it’s the number of people who visit your site and then leave after the first page.

Having a high bounce rate isn’t bad because it can simply mean your customers are getting what they need from that one page. Maybe they want to find you on social media and they can do that from that first page they visit. Maybe they want your address or phone number and they get it from the first page, so they leave or “bounce” from your site.

A high bounce rate can also help a company sort out the unqualified leads without using resources from their sales and marketing staff to do so. Chris gives more details about this on the show including his tale of one of his clients who offered services starting at $50k. By spelling that out on the first page of the site they were able to field calls and emails only from highly qualified potential clients and that helped their staff save time and create more revenue.

If you’re still getting unqualified leads and wasting precious resources sorting through them Chris explains how to change your site so you can increase your bounce rate too.

On this edition of Grow Your Revenue Chris and I discuss how to shift client conversations from pricing to results and value, he gives an actual example of doing so and what that has meant for his business. We also get into the importance of feedback. Tune in to hear all of that and more!

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