If you’d like to grow your business by attracting your ideal clients there’s a simple way to do so: integrity. There are a few key ways to have integrity when engaging with potential clients, and I’ll explain exactly what those are and how to use them in this episode.

On this special solo show I’ll share the importance of disarming customers in a conversation, why the same-side pitch is a new (and better) variation of the elevator pitch and the proper format to use for an effective case study on your web site. It’s just and you me talking about business and integrity on today’s episode of Grow My Revenue.

Listen to this episode and discover:

– Why we usually say “no thanks” when a sales person offers to help us.
– The three questions executives answer when making a decision.
– What is the same-side pitch?
– What is an elevator rant and why is it valuable?
– And so much more…

Episode Overview

When you walk into a store and a clerk approaches you to see if you need any help do you automatically say no? Most people do. Why? Because we don’t yet trust them. We automatically assume they are simply asking so they can sell us something, and no one wants to be sold to even if they are in a store with the intent to buy!

The same goes for your clients and the conversations you have with them. If going into a conversation you already know they are assuming you are selling to them you can disarm them using authenticity and integrity.

To understand what it means to disarm you first have to understand how executives make decisions. They first look at what problem you solve, or why they may need you. Next they evaluate the likely results or outcome they’ll receive from working with you. And finally they evaluate alternatives they have vs. reasons they would choose you. Tune in to hear all of that and so much more on this episode of Grow My Revenue.

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