If I told you having a business that does good in the community can actually grow your bottom line would you believe me? It’s the truth and the man here to back that up is ultra-successful digital marketer and repeat best-selling Yanik Silver.

On this episode of Grow My Revenue Yanik shares what he means by the term evolved enterprise, why he wrote a book on that subject and why it is the business model of the future. This is an eye-opening, thought-provoking episode you won’t want to miss, it’ll change how you look at your business going forward.

Listen to this episode and discover:

– What does corporate social responsibility mean?
– What motivated Yanik to write the Evolved Enterprise book?
– Is there a link between boostrapping a business and your creativity? Yanik explains.
– Do companies with culture outperform the S&P 500?
– Why we are hardwired to support businesses with real purpose.
– And so much more…

Episode Overview

If you’ve never heard of Yanik Silver you’ve missed out on an incredible businessman’s journey. He got started online in 2000, the early days of the Internet and he quickly found remarkable success. Eight years into that journey he had earned in the millions and had published several books, all the while helping thousands of people.

But one day he asked himself a simple question: “Am I really happy?” The brutally true answer was no, he was not. He felt there could be more; he could be giving more meaningful work to the world. So he spent time journaling and sorting through what to do next.

From there Maverick 1000 was born. He created a company that combined fun things he liked to do as a kid, with ways to grow businesses and also serve his community by contributing to charities. He invited his friends and business partners to participate, that was part of the fun. They went off on an adventure, spent time talking business growth strategies and then made sure to give to a charity through their participation fee.

Over time he changed up the business model a bit and tweaked things to become what is the present day Maverick 1000.

His book, Evolved Enterprise, also came from that experience. He believes the premise of the book, aligning the soul of your business with more impact, more meaning and more happiness will invariably produce more profits, is the business model of the future.

On today’s episode we discuss why businesses should embrace this concept now or they’ll be left in the dust within 4-7 years. He also highlights some of the biggest mistakes businesses make when trying to do good in their business and their community, and plus the first steps to take to turn your business into an evolved enterprise.

A few of the mistakes Yanik sees businesses making when trying to do good internally and within their community is the language they use. Look at the most common description used today: corporate social responsibility. Does that sound like fun? Does it sound like something people get to do, or is it something they have to do? It sounds like an obligation, something they have to do. And that isn’t going to inspire hearts and minds to embrace the experience!

Yanik gives some great examples of companies already doing this as well as a company that didn’t do this well: Kentucky Fried Chicken and its pink buckets for breast cancer. He shares why this didn’t work for KFC and how to avoid falling into the same trap with your business.

He also gives three steps to start with when becoming an evolved enterprise plus the greatest lesson he has to evolve your enterprise, and how this business model ties into the millennial community so strongly. There’s all of that and so much more in this episode of Grow My Revenue with Yanik Silver. Tune in, it’s well worth your time and attention.
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