If a company doubled in size in three years and was on the Inc. 5000 list would you be interested in hearing the key factors that created their success? Of course you would and Colin Eagen of E Group is here to share those key factors.

On today’s episode Colin joins us to discuss what E Group has done to build that success into their business model, as well as what’s different today versus 33 years ago when he started in sales. We’ll dive into why it’s important to focus on your client’s end results, and why appreciation is a vital part of every business from employee to client to vendor.

Listen in for real-life case studies that showcase Colin’s company’s growth, and hear the lessons you can learn to do the same in your organization.

Listen to this episode and discover:

What is MIDE and why Is it important?
What is their blueprint process?
Why the sale is the starting line, not the finish line.
The importance of appreciation in employee and client relationships
The one piece of advice he has to achieve his same level of success.
And so much more!
Episode Overview

When Colin started his career in sales the world was a different place. Communication was much slower: there was no Internet, email or even fax machines. As a result clients’ expectations were much different. Today people want real-time answers and it’s far more difficult to connect unless you have an appointment with someone.

To add to that today’s client knows your business before you even talk to them, they’ve done online research. If they are willing to talk to you then they already know what you do; and they simply are trying to find out if or how you can help them and how you can make your solutions fit their business needs.

But one thing has remained the same throughout: relationships. Then and today it’s important to build trust and build relationships. Those two components are critical to having any success.

And those are two things his business has focused on to grow to their current state. Today his business generates $25 million in sales with a team of less than 30 people and they’ve made the Inc 5000 list several times in the last few years.

To build that trust and those relationships with their clients they show them they are focused on results from the very beginning. And they do so by asking and finding the answers to questions about issue, impact, importance and results. Discover more at http://www.GrowMyRevenue.com/business-cast/