Knowing when to talk to the right person, how to talk to them and why are all key components of securing a new client, and maintaining that relationship. Our guest for today has used predictive sales intelligence to gather all of those components for his business, and for his clients. As a result he took his $4 million design firm and transformed it into a $25 million advertising agency in two years – yes two!

Dave Currie joins this edition of Grow My Revenue to talk about how predictive sales intelligence has helped him do that, how you can use it as well as the most common mistakes people make when pursuing sales opportunities. This is an episode worth your time and attention so listen, take notes and take action!

Listen to this episode and discover:

– How to know when it’s the right deal at the right time, and why timing matters.
– Proactive vs reactive business development: what are the differences?
– What does Dave mean by “market of one”?
– What is the easiest way to grow your business?
– How often does his company update the prospects they are tracking?
And so much more!

Episode Overview

Dave Currie’s agency, The List, is now a privately-held company with 80 employees. With a headquarters in Atlanta and another office in New York, they serve both the United States and the United Kingdom. For those two markets they offer actionable sales intelligence, for anyone who sells to national advertisers or their agencies.

Actionable sales intelligence is predictive sales intelligence that businesses utilize to know when to approach their key prospective clients, how to approach them, who to approach and why to approach them. The how and the why are often overlooked, but are necessary to ongoing organic growth.

The List itself uses this approach and is a shining example of its efficacy. They’ve produced 25% growth year over year – and that is true organic growth, not from acquisitions. Dave explains this growth has been a result of a quest they began four years ago. They tapped into and fully utilized the power of building the right ecosystem to provide predictability and consistency in lead generation, which ultimately led to growth in sales.

When they had fine-tuned that model within their own agency they took it to their clients. Today that’s what they educate and provide in the marketplace.

Dave explains the process in greater detail on this episode. He also explains why it’s more important to get the right deals at the right time than to simply get more deals. According to Dave when conditions are right there are triggers in any industry that cause a change in need. If you can track what is happening in prospective customers’ businesses you’ll see indications that they are more ready to buy than the rest of the market.

Finally we wrap up with a discussion on the greatest lesson he has learned in his time in business, and why the days of the “one to many” marketing and sales approach is long over. There’s all of that and so much more on today’s Grow My Revenue with Dave Currie.

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