Sometimes the difference between failure and success is whether or not the person has and uses certain tools and practices. Our guest for today has created an acronym of methods and resources to help along the bumpy road to fulfillment and achievement.

Dr. Jay Greenstein has built six chiropractic practices with four divisions and is the leader in research and results-based chiropractic science. That success wasn’t without failure and challenges, however. Today he joins us to talk about what he has overcome, how he has done it and why SWAGR has helped him through it all.

Whether you’ve ever failed or simply failed to start something because the risk seemed too great, today’s episode of Grow My Revenue with Dr. Jay Greenstein will be sure to help you overcome obstacles and challenges as you build and grow your business.

Listen to this episode and discover:

• Does six sigma apply outside of the manufacturing industry?
• What’s the difference between a sales person and a subject matter expert?
• How can you create a growth mindset, literally?
• Why your network is your net worth, but only if your network is authentic.
• What role does passion play on the journey to success?
• And so much more!

Episode Overview

Having faced the very real threat of bankruptcy twice in his career, Dr. Jay Greenstein developed a set of tools and practices to help him work his way out of any difficult situation and into a better one. SWAGR helps him to know he can always get to the other side of any challenge that comes up.

The acronym grew out of two experiences in particular. In 2003, he had doubled the size of his office and expanded into second and third offices. Things were going great, even though he had no infrastructure built into the day to day activities of the practice. Not long after expansion, he decided to make his first acquisition and soon saw the necessity of policies and procedures!

The acquisition made him money initially but when patients continued to come in but the money didn’t, he was facing the possibility of declaring bankruptcy. But rather than fold, he looked at his situation and evaluated how he got there in the first place – and then what he could do to get out.

While listening to Jack by Jack Welch, Dr. Jay learned about six sigma and the need for a concrete process based on 3 to 5 variables. Those variables provide a given result and remove as much room for error as possible. Dr. Jay understood that to apply to his practice: he needed a procedure based on 3-5 variables that would guarantee payment of patients’ insurance claims, and keep the money coming in as well as the patients.

To help remember and better implement the system, Dr. Jay created the acronym SWAGR. For a breakdown of each letter, visit:

On this episode Dr. Jay explains more about the important role relationships play in the health of our business and our overall happiness. He also shares what tools and practices go along with each of letter in SWAGR. Tune in for all of that and so much more on this edition of Grow My Revenue!