Being recognized as a thought leader is a critical component of being successful in your industry. But reaching that status doesn’t happen overnight, and it doesn’t happen by accident. Here to share the intentional pieces needed to reach that goal is Elizabeth Marshall. She’s known as the go-to expert on becoming an expert! She’s worked with clients like Seth Godin, Michael Port and Carol Roth among many others.

On today’s show, Elizabeth spells out the most common mistakes she sees people make when trying to reach thought leader level, how to promote yourself with seeming to self-promote, and the three questions that when answered will help you define your stance and your audience. This is an episode you will surely want to take notes on so get ready and listen in!

Listen to this episode and discover:

• Why becoming a recognized leader is a mastery path.
• Is your message ever “one and done”?
• How your own unique combination of experience and knowledge will help you stand out.
• What is the difference between curating and sharing content?
• How to walk the line between self-promotion and serving your audience:
• And so much more!

Episode Overview

It’s not enough to call on companies and expect to get work with them simply because you want them as your client and what you offer is beneficial. Today it is about being seen and recognized as an expert in your field.

Elizabeth has helped many people achieve that expert status and she says it boils down to developing your message and your audience, first. This is a mastery path and will never be complete; it will require your 10,000 hours and a commitment to evolve, grow and transform right along with your marketplace.

If you’re a keynote speaker it isn’t enough to provide a great keynote speech from year to year. You must update it with new case studies, stories and insights that reflect the trends in your industry. You will always be developing and evolving your message, and adding to the conversation.

That is true of keynote speakers and you if you want to stand out as the go-to authority in your niche. And there are three questions to ask yourself to help you define your message, why you are an expert, and why your audience would want to work with you.

1. Why now?

The first question is why now? What is happening in the marketplace that has changed or shifted or transformed to make your message important today? Answer this and tie it into some uncertainty, complexity and pace of change then to make a case for why it’s relevant now.

2. Why you?

In addition to what is on your resume, including your credentials and work experience, is your personal life factors. The unique experiences that make you who you are are what also qualify you to speak about a particular topic or subject. Elizabeth points out that the experience side of life is really powerful and can create a deep emotional connection with your audience.

3. Why this concept?

If you were writing a book you’d answer the question why this book? But the medium itself doesn’t matter so much as why are you starting with this concept versus another one. It’s important to answer this question so you know how it ties into your business model, as well as how it ties into your stage as a thought leader.

Today she gives the great example of Michael Port and how he started with Book Yourself Solid before his Think Big Manifesto message. She explains why and how he did it so successfully.

On this episode Elizabeth also explains the difference between self-promotion and sharing valuable content to serve your audience, plus her suggestions on establishing your expertise in your field. She shines valuable light on what to do and what not to do, tune into today’s Grow My Revenue to hear it all.