Is search engine optimization (SEO) simply an afterthought for your business, or is it something that is part of your marketing plan like your editorial calendar? It should be the former, but either way you’ll learn a lot from today’s show!

On this episode, the one and only John Jantsch joins us to talk about why SEO is for growth and why it’s not about likes, clicks, or shares any longer. We also explore his latest book, SEO for Growth, and how we can use SEO to become a part of our customers’ journey as a trusted advisor before they’re even looking for a solution.

John is back for a second terrific interview, and you will definitely learn a lot about how useful SEO is for growing your business today on Grow My Revenue!

Listen to this episode and discover:

· Why he chose SEO for Growth as the title of his latest book.
· What was Google’s goal from day one of its existence?
· How SEO has evolved beyond just clicks, shares, and likes.
· Do links still matter to search engine rankings?
· Why we put so much trust in Google’s first page results.
· And so much more!

Episode Overview

If for some reason you don’t know John Jantsch, he’s the best-selling author of multiple books including Duct Tape Marketing and Duct Tape Selling. His latest book, SEO for Growth, explains how to apply search engine optimization to your business for growth, and it is a must-read!

The first topic we dive into is the misconceptions about and mistakes made around SEO. John explains that it’s not about links, likes, or clicks anymore, but that’s what most people think of when they think of SEO. Today, SEO is about growth: you should be building your company’s web site with it in mind, along with your editorial calendars and all the other pieces of your marketing plan. It is that important to your overall business.

The strategy to utilizing SEO has changed over the years. Initially, if you wanted to sell something, like alloy wheels, you could stuff a bunch of words on your web site about wheels, and you’d probably get to the top of the rankings.

Google has weeded out all of that now. Today they know what your web pages are about, whether or not links are coming from relevant places, and they can figure out if a site is more authoritative than another site. Google has always been about getting the best results for the search terms used, and as a result, SEO today is really about optimizing content that is focused on a specific ideal client.

With that in mind, John explains what to do if you want to properly utilize SEO for growth. For starters, you have to now design your web site with SEO in mind. That comes from having a strategic approach and asking questions like: What is the home page going to be about? What are the main navigation pages going to be about?

You also need to know certain information to find and attract the ideal client to your web site. You need to know what the terms are that they use in their searches, and which terms they use most frequently. What questions are they asking before they have any idea what solutions are available? And what are the pain points they are going to the internet with?

Also on this episode of Grow My Revenue, John explains why most people actually don’t care how their problems get solved, only that they get solved! Additionally, he shares how to become a part of their journey as they are wrestling with a problem (before even seeking a solution), and why this is such a strong approach to gaining a client.

Listen in for all of that and more on this edition of Grow My Revenue, and then let me know what you’re doing differently with your web site after you read his book SEO for Growth. I look forward to seeing how you’ve implemented John’s ideas.

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