This week’s guest is Marty Wilson, former Australian Comic of the Year. Marty currently works as an international keynote speaker and has authored 15 books to date. Today, we discuss some of the biggest roadblocks people face when using humor in business, what topics you need to avoid and which to embrace, and how to find a common thread in your storytelling.

First, we talk about the biggest mistake people make when trying to connect with others in the business world. Marty explains that many people inadvertently skip right over the rapport building stage, which is critical in any business-type relationship.

Marty elaborates, saying, “You need to establish the connection, feel the client out, and take some time.”

You’re going to learn and laugh a lot in this episode!

Listen to this episode and discover:

> How to connect with people naturally and organically.
> Why humor in business is not at all inappropriate.
> What it really means to connect on a human level.
> How to get on the same side with your audience.
> The most important things to avoid in your humor.
> Why you shouldn’t be making fun of other people.