Marketing events have always been important in business. Trade shows, for example, give companies the chance to educate the public about their products and connect with potential customers. But, as Erin Gargan King points out, today’s consumers can get most of their education online. After all, companies should already have that information on their website.

Just because we use the internet to educate our customers, though, doesn’t mean that marketing events are obsolete. In fact, they may be more important than ever. They still give us the opportunity to meet our future clients face-to-face. When they go well, they allow us to form real human relationships with our online audiences.

On this episode of Same Side Selling, Erin joins me to discuss the ways in which companies can get the most out of marketing events in the social media age. You’re going to love our conversation!

Listen to this episode and discover:

Some mistakes that companies make during even preparation.
The traps that keep companies stuck in the past.
How you can use social media to get the biggest ROI from marketing events
And so much more…