Humor is a great skill no matter who you are. It’s a particularly valuable tool for businesspeople. If we can make people laugh, or at least entertain them a bit, we can use that skill to achieve all kinds of goals. We can build rapport, get people to pay attention, help them to understand complex topics, and boost energy in meetings.

Unfortunately, many people avoid it because they think they’re not funny.

However, Andrew Tarvin believes that everyone has the potential to be funny, or at least funnier. He’s spent the past decade studying the science of humor. He joins me on this episode of Same Side Selling to discuss how humor works and how anyone can learn to use it. You’re going to learn a ton from our conversation!

Listen to this episode and discover:

>Why everyone has the capacity for humor.
>How humor can be utilized to achieve better business results. 
>Some techniques you can use to build your humor muscle.
And so much more…