Fear and sales don’t usually mix well. When you’re paralyzed by fear, it’s hard to perform at the highest possible level.

But, as Waldo Waldman points out, it’s inescapable. We’re all afraid of something and, at every level of a career, we inevitably encounter things that we’re afraid of. Whether it’s a skill like public speaking or a particular situation like leading a team, certain things are going to leave us shaking in our boots. However, fear isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Instead, it’s an opportunity to learn and grow.

On this episode, Waldo Waldman joins me to discuss fear. Specifically, we discuss how it applies to sales. This is a valuable episode for anyone who’s ever been afraid of something (i.e everyone!).

Listen to this episode and discover:

> Some common misconceptions about high performance and fear
> Why fear can be a productive emotion for salespeople.
> How top performers use their fears to learn and grow.
> And so much more…