On this week’s episode, Wes Schaeffer, a marketing strategist that is best known as The Sales Whisperer joins us. Wes is a sales trainer, inbound marketing strategist, HubSpot partner, and Infusionsoft’s Partner of the Year. Wes and I talk about all areas of sales; from the mistakes that you could be making, to the qualities you may be lacking, what you should be implementing, and how you can ultimately pivot your business to generate better results.

You’re going to learn a ton on this episode with Wes Schaeffer.

Listen to this episode and discover:

> Specific strategies to implement digital marketing to help grow business.
> The biggest misconceptions people have when it comes to sales and confidence.
> Why motivation may not be enough when it comes to selling.
> What your number one job is in sales.
> And so much more…