On this Same Side Selling episode, Chris Yoko the CEO of Yoko Co joins us to share what helped his business grow by 40% this past year alone.  Chris and his team have been big advocates of Same Side Selling in their business. You’ll hear how Chris’s team shifted the focus from price to results with their customers and specific things you can do to make it clear to your customers that you really care about them versus just about making money.

You’re going to learn a ton on this episode with Chris

Listen to this episode and discover:

> How to deliver amazing outcomes that lead to repeat and referral business.
> A method to ensure that your clients and potential clients can easily compare what you do to others, using the ‘Client Vision Pyramid’.
> What can happen when you focus on results and value, not just on price.
> An approach to help your business development folks and internal team work together in delivering results clients want.
> And so much more…

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