This Same Side Selling podcast episode features David Campbell, the Chief Operating Officer at Optimal Networks, an IT services company that helps their clients achieve remarkable results. I’ve worked with David and his team over the years to integrate Same Side Selling into their business processes.

In this episode, David shares how Optimal Networks successfully engaged non-salespeople to grow revenue and built an amazing culture within their organization around growth. You’re going to learn a ton from David Campbell.

Listen and Discover

> Why most people have is the wrong idea of what selling means.
> Strategies to overcome the biggest challenges when engaging non-salespeople to grow your business.
> Methods to build a culture within your organization around growth.
> How to sell like an expert, not like a salesperson.
> Ways to lead discussions with clients about results.
> Methods to demystify the sales process, not only for your own team, for your clients.
> What happens when you integrate the Same Side Selling methodology into your business.
> And much more…