We’re joined this week by my good friend Bob London of Chief Listening Officers. Bob is a frequent guest on our podcast sharing amazing insights into how to uncover the truth about what your client is thinking, wishing for and even complaining about.

On this episode, we focus our discussion on customer intimacy. Intimacy is having close proximity to deeply understanding your customers’ perspective, priorities, and challenges. Bob shares techniques to help your organization dramatically improve your ability to listen and gain customer insights. Uncovering the truth within your customer base will a big impact on your success. You’re going to learn a ton from Bob London.

Listen and Discover
> 5 steps to help you uncover the truth in what’s really important to your customers.Benefits of a human to human listening approach.
> How to dedicate yourself to ‘Agendaless Listening’.
> What is an elevator rant and how can you use it? 
> Why you need a customer ombudsman.
> And much more…

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