So often, especially people in sales leadership roles, think that their job is to monitor the performance of others. When in fact the most successful, top performing leaders are the people who constantly coach and mentor their team members, not just monitor their progress. In this episode, Halelly Azulay shares the best way to build and cultivate leaders for your sales organization. Halelly founded TalentGrow LLC, a consulting company focused on developing leaders and teams, especially for enterprises experiencing explosive growth or expansion.

You’re going to learn a ton from Halelly Azulay!

Listen and Discover
> How to overcome the biggest misconceptions people have about leadership.
> Whether leaders are born or made.
> The biggest mistake people make when cultivating new leaders.
> Specific steps you can take to get the most from leaders in your organization.
> Methods to help teach executives and sales managers properly delegate.
>And much more…