Welcome to the 200th episode of the Same Side Selling podcast! Traditionally businesses and salespeople take an always be closing approach to sales. This idea that you should constantly push for a sale.  On the other hand, leading organizations achieving remarkable growth and success with their clients take a very different approach.  They know how to sell like an expert and not like a salesperson.

Instead of focusing on always trying to make the sale and pushing for a close in every situation, successful organizations realize it is better to take the approach of finding impact together or FIT.   On this episode, I talk about this core principle of finding impact together from the second edition of Same Side Selling. In the second edition, we profile companies that more than double their growth rate while pursuing fewer opportunities and they qualify by finding impact together with their clients.

If you want to sell like an expert and not like a salesperson, tune in and discover a sales approach you can follow to achieve lasting success.

Listen and Discover
>What is finding impact together?
> 3 core areas of the sales process that will make a profound impact on success for you and your clients.
> How to disarm the notion that you’re just there to sell something
> A method to help qualify which opportunities are worth pursuing and which ones aren’t.
> And much more…