On this episode, we’re talking about email campaigns for sales and marketing efforts. I’ve received a lot of emails or LinkedIn messages lately from people trying to pitch me some product or service. When will organizations learn it is a complete waste of resources and money to pitch their stuff blindly in an email? They’re not focused on the problems they solve, they’re just trying to pitch whatever it is they have to sell and it turns people off.

What I want you to realize is that when you have some sort of an email campaign, do not try and pitch your services. Tune-in and find out what you should do instead.

Listen and Discover

> Ways to entice and engage in a conversation with people via an email campaign.
> How to craft email messaging that focuses on the problems that you solve and be open to the fact that people may not need what you’ve got.
> How the Same Side quadrants can help you determine whether or not an opportunity is worth pursuing or not. 
> An approach to selling (and emailing) that everybody can embrace, even your customers.
> And much more…