If you want to increase team productivity, relieve stress, and be happier at work, this is the episode for you! Tap into Andrew Tarvin’s expertise when it comes to adding humor in the workplace. Andrew is the world’s first humor engineer. He teaches people how to get better results by strategically using humor in the workplace.

We’re not talking about needing to have clowns and jugglers running around the office. Rather how to strategically use humor better in the workplace. The goal is not to make you funnier—though that may be a side effect—but to make you effective-er. Humor is a valuable skill to be able to get better results by connecting at a more human level.

By the way, Andrew doesn’t think that there is an organization that couldn’t benefit from humor. When things are very stressful, humor can be very good for catharsis, can be very good for relieving stress. Andrew has even helped serious organizations, like the FBI, Red Cross, and some emergency first responders.

You’re going to have a blast listening to Andrew Tarvin.

Listen and Discover

– The biggest mistake or misconception people have about humor in the workplace.
– Five skills of work where you can use humor.
– The difference between comedy and humor.
– How to strategically use humor better in the workplace.
– Three inappropriate reasons when humor is inappropriate at work.
– How to use humor as a way to reduce status differentials and build rapport with someone.
– And much more…

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