Tom Williams shares how companies and individuals can overcome some of the most common deal-killing obstacles sellers encounter in the sales process that can kill an opportunity. Tom is the Chairman & Founder at Strategic Dynamics Inc. a firm that helps organizations accelerate revenue generation.

In our discussion, Tom shares concepts from his new book The Seller’s Challenge, How Top Sellers Master 10 Deal Killing Obstacles in B2B Sales. Tom’s current research, best practices, and real-life examples can help you craft an actionable plan to optimize productivity and drive success.

You’re going to learn a ton from Tom Williams.

Listen and Discover

> The biggest mistake sellers make when it comes to working with buyers or procurement.
> What causes your product or service to be seen as a commodity versus high value.
> How a creating a Stakeholder Map can help you figure out who needs to be involved in discussions.
> 10 reasons sales calls fail.
> The biggest sales skill that gets overlooked.
> And much more…

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