It’s not possible (or smart) for sales to give a product demo to every potential customer. Technology has changed the buying and selling process. Companies have invested hundreds of millions of dollars to help transform the customer engagement experience during the buyer’s journey. Despite this investment, many companies still have parts of their customers’ journey stuck in the past. In the episode, we talk about ways to satisfy buyer needs in the pre-sales process by applying technology to improve your pre-sales resources and demo process.

Greg Dickinson is the founder of Omedym, a technology company that is on a mission to allow companies to engage with their customers in a completely new way. It’s really a fascinating discussion with Greg!

Listen and Discover
> The biggest mistakes when it comes to using product demos and videos in the sales process.
> Are pre-sale product demos necessary?
> How to deliver the right information that each buyer needs or wants for their evaluation at the right time.
> Methods to more intelligently provide video and other content targeted specifically to your customers.
> And much more…