Every day we entrust some of our most important messages to a form of communication that doesn’t build trust, provide differentiation, or communicate clearly enough. Ethan Beute explains how to dramatically improve relationships and results with your customers, prospects, and team by adding personal videos to emails, text messages, and social messages.

Ethan is the Chief Evangelist at BombBomb – a company helping people become more successful in implementing simple, personal videos to rehumanize their businesses. On this episode, Ethan shares great insight from his new book Rehumanize Your Business: How Personal Videos Accelerate Sales and Improve Customer Experience

You’re going to learn a ton from Ethan Beute!

Listen and Discover

* Specific tips to ensure you come across authentically in video communication with your customers and employees.

* How you can use video to follow-up with clients after a meeting in competitive situations.

* Methods to help you become more relatable via video.

* What constitutes ‘good enough’ in video messages.

*And much more…