Christina Daves, the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) PR strategist joins us to share a ton of tips and pointers that can help with public relations and getting free publicity for your business.

Having no resources for advertising or hiring a PR firm, Christina taught herself everything she could about generating her own publicity. She has appeared in over 1000 local and national media outlets and has a regular segment on Good Morning Washington. Christina, together with her clients, reached over 873 million views and generated over 8 figures in sales from free publicity in one year.

Well known for her best-selling book, PR for Anyone™ – 100+ Affordable Ways to Easily Create Buzz for Your Business, Christina has a new book called The DIY Guide to Free Publicity.

I’m thrilled to have Christina share her wisdom with you because I learned so much from her and I’m sure you will too!

Listen and Discover

> The biggest misconception about PR and which pitfalls you can avoid.
> How to become a valuable asset for media outlets.
> Some of the traps or mistakes that people make when they’re trying to pitch ideas.
> Specific steps you can take to become PR famous.
> How to move the needle and help get free publicity on your own.
> And much more…

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