One of the most common sales questions: how can you best evaluate opportunities? There may be deals that have been sitting in your pipeline for a while and there may be relatively new opportunities. You may be wondering which of these deals are worth pursuing and which are not? Many forecasts are filled with hopes and prayers. The problem is that if you invest an equal amount of effort on every opportunity, then you are likely spending time on some deals that are just not worth your time at the expense of the ones that are a great fit for you.

In this episode, I share a proven framework that I use with companies that will help you evaluate opportunities and deals to see where you should and should not invest time.

Listen and Discover

– How to put finger on the pulse of which opportunities need a little more attention and which ones should be just handed off to your least favorite competitor and let them chase their tail around it.

– Seven questions to answer to help determine if an opportunity is real or not real.

– How to accelerate your revenue grow with the Same Side Selling harsh honesty framework

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