Are you making useful time with your sales kickoff meeting or are you just presenting your team with information you could deliver in a video or email? One of the biggest mistakes I see organizations make is not productively using their sales kickoff meeting to uncover what struggles or challenges they are facing. 

You want to utilize a sales kickoff meeting to energize, boost sales and hit the ground running but you can only do that when you give your team the tools to grow their business. In this episode, I share with you the important factors to incorporate in your next sales kickoff meeting as well as how to improve your team’s techniques and skills to increase sales revenue.


“The point of a sales kickoff is to energize and boost sales and hit the ground running, then give the team the tools they need to grow their business, not just things to feel good about.”

“So at your next sales kickoff, it’s fine to have awards. It’s fine here from marketing and product development and HR. But let’s try and minimize that interaction to the things that matter most and then spend more time on roleplay and practice of real life customer situations.”

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