What are the key mistakes made when managing a sales team? In this episode, I share how you can approach your team as a sales mentor, not just a manager. As a sales manager, it is important to not just track activity but to mentor and provide guidance to help your team accomplish the best results. By pivoting your approach, you can help your sales team increase productivity, ask the right questions and generate more results.


“So when we lose a deal in the 11th hour when you “lose a deal” in that last meeting, recognize it’s probably not the last meeting, it was probably the first meeting that set you up as someone to sell and not solve.”

“Don’t use your sales organization as a data entry vehicle. In fact, the more information you ask them to collect, the less likely they are to be compliant with your CRM or Salesforce automation tool. So instead, make sure you’re collecting the information that’s important for them and for the organization.”

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