If you invest in a program and don’t see results, you are hurting your sales organization because they begin to think that the trainings are a waste of time. When you invest in a program, there are key factors you want to consider beforehand. In this week’s episode, I dive into how you can understand your organization’s biggest problem areas as well as make sure the training has a reinforceable process for your team to follow. The only way to true success and to see the needle being moved for your team is to hold your team accountable to a process they can follow and practice. 


“If you spend money, and you don’t get results, then it hurts the entire industry. And it actually hurts your sales organization, because then they start to think, Well, I’m not going to do the sales training stuff, because it was useless last time”

“If you don’t practice, if you don’t reinforce whatever you learn, after you’ve had the training, you’re not going to succeed.”

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