Have you hit a plateau in sales and find yourself struggling to expand your business? In this week’s episode, learn how Rob Lynch, CEO of Dome Construction, was able to grow their business from $100 million to $600 million in six years by adopting Same Side Selling across the company. Rob shares how his team focused on what they were best at, the value they bring and how to differentiate themselves from their competition while delivering the best results for their clients. Dome Construction not only overcame their plateau and 6x their results but also has even more room now for continued expansion. Get this… 95% of their projects are repeat clients who are so happy with their results,  that they come back to Dome Construction for more.


“When we came across (Same Side Selling Academy) and started learning about some of your techniques and your approaches, it helped us become really clear about what we were good at, what differentiates us and how we bring value to our business partners. So once we became really clear on that, that really allowed us to focus on the right business partners, and the right opportunities for us where we could deliver that value, and have it be appreciated.”

“In these six years, we’ve certainly broken through that $100 million, we’re up to around $600 million now and have the growth to go with it. All while reinforcing our culture, building our brand, and most importantly, really delivering the results for our business partners that they need and they desire.”

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