Are your old sales approaches for reaching out to prospects not working anymore post pandemic? Since we can no longer rely on showing up at someone’s office, facility or factory and use our charisma or personality to quickly connect with our potential clients, we must change our approach. In today’s episode, I share how you can pivot your approach by showing up to solve your client’s problems, not just sell. By using the Same Side Selling principles, you can disarm the notion that you are only there to sell and capture the attention and interest of your potential clients. 


“We have to show up as someone who’s there to solve, not someone who’s there just to sell. And it’s a challenging concept for people to get because you might think to yourself, I’m in sales. Of course, as a salesperson, I’m there to sell things. Actually, I would argue that you’re not, you’re there to solve things for clients.”

“If you can come across as someone with expertise, if you can come across as somebody who has their finger on the pulse of the trends in the industry, if you’re someone who can actually connect with them about things that are relevant to them and if you can disarm the notion that you’re just there to sell something by acknowledging that not everyone is a good fit for you.”

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