It is key that you are effectively communicating with your team, clients and potential customers. You want to make sure your message is being heard and your passion or emotion behind the words is being properly construed.  

In this episode, Darcy Webb, The Speech Diva, shares some key takeaways on how to effectively communicate better. During this episode, Darcy will share different exercises you can do to make sure you are properly communicating when speaking by correctly using your mouth and facial expressions. Join us in this conversation to learn the best techniques for effective communication to increase make sure your messages are clearly being articulated. 

This episode’s guest: 

D’Arcy Webb, an award winning voice and speech teacher, has been helping actors, performers, corporate executives, authors and speakers use their voices to connect with audiences around the world with power, eloquence and heart for over two decades. As former Associate Professor of Voice and Speech at the University of the Arts and current member of the performance faculty at Drexel University, D’Arcy has worked with hundreds of new and seasoned  performers to make their words resonate with clarity, precision and confidence. She has also served as voice, speech and performance coach for TEDxCambridge, and was the Head of Vocal Training for Heroic Public Speaking from 2016 to 2020.

Connect with Darcy Webb:


“Speaking is just another form of signing.”

“Remember that a monotone isn’t just in your voice. A monotone can also be in your facial expressions and other movements. And so if you’re just standing there not moving your face, not moving your body, your audience might find that your words aren’t so moving either.”

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